We work with organisations of all sizes and can tailor our services to suit your needs and objectives.

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One Day Single Camera Directing Course £179

This one day course is a must for all budding filmmaking enthusiasts or anyone who just wants to improve their camera skills. Learn how to make professional looking films using just the single camera set-up!  The course Involves a practical hands on experience of filming and taking shots outdoors using a digital semi-professional camcorder.
4 Day Documentary Filmmaking Course £399

Have you ever wanted to make a documentary but didn’t know where to begin?  Our 4 day Intensive documentary course teaches you how to plan, research, investigate, and produce a documentary.  As well how to interview and do a piece to camera.  You will also be taught how to film and shoot the documentary yourself.
One Day Community Course £99

This one day course aims to provide local charities and non-profit making organisations with all the knowledge and knowhow of using filming as a tool of communication.  
Two Day New Media courses  £199

This valuable and in-depth two day course provides local organisations, and  community groups with knowledge and information how make and upload their films onto the various New Media sources and platforms.